A short poem.

I know this road and its been rough, but have I done enough?

What will I tell my oldest son, when he asks what I have done

When its time for me to go, how will I compare?

When my eyes play tricks on me..Should I put trust in what I see?

sometimes the person that I see in the mirror isn’t me

when its all said and done, will I be content with what Ive done

Looking backwards should I see, something good in me?

Which me will people know and what will my pages show?

Will the story I have written be one my sons will want to know

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  • Aiyanna on May 23, 2011

    Help me change the things I can change,
    Accept the things I cannot.
    Help me see things that are in range,
    Create things that are not.

    For what we have in life are created by us,
    We are the Masters of our ship.
    The mast set sail is drawn by gusts,
    The Captain does the right course keep.

    Tell your child the truth of life,
    About the joys and the sorrows.
    Tell them about the laws of nature,
    And the actions consequence feature.

    For when you look in the mirror,
    You see the person you are.
    You can style yourself the way you want to be,
    To be an immortal criminal or a star.

    Be the star to your pillar of tomorrow,
    Teach them with a smile.
    They will learn life their joys and sorrow,
    And will treasure you all the while.

  • HatedNation on May 23, 2011

    Sweet Comment Aiyanna!!

  • payaltyagi on May 24, 2011

    Good Article

  • Reira on Aug 28, 2011


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