For my wife, Michelle.

Allow me to express in words

What I hope you’ll always remember

My love, undying

My heart is yours

My soul has finally found its link

I know you’ve had it rough

And you’ve cried over your quota of tears

You were alone and you were scared…

The past comes back to haunt us

An enimies smile in the dark-

You’re not alone to face the demons

I’m here to dry your tears

I’m here to help you slay the dragons

Smile through your years

I love you! The past (in my eyes) matters not

It’s my arms your wrapped in now

What we have-

It’s like no other

Emotion I’ve ever felt

And in this confession I write here and now

That you are reading in the future- My oath to you:

You, my sweet love, make me want to

Burst with happiness

Every time we get close-or I see you, or think of you…

I get butterflies-My heart races with the slightest touch-

My love for you is more than love

More than devotion

Your smiles puts me under a spell

My love for you goes beyond anything in this physical world

The past-it won’t stop my loving you

I can’t lie and say it doesn’t affect me-It does

It fills me with conflicting feelings

A rage I can’t describe for the pain that was caused

But here and now

I’m telling you

That no matter what

Remember I love you

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