Removing Children Due to Fear the Clown.

How to help a child so as not tormented with the fear of clowns? Here are tips from caval clown entertainment for parents who want their children an understanding of the member:

* Understand and accept his feelings. Children who experience trauma, suffered greatly during a meeting with the feared object. Give empathy to him and asked him to express his feelings.

* Clown also human. Show your child that the clown is just ordinary people who dress up and wear costumes. Great place to show it is tourist attractions. Usually there they were “on duty”

* Move. Helping children to keep him away from the clown is a way of handling temporary. Because at other times, he’ll meet with the clown again. So, we need to train children to dare to face the reality to meet a clown, by doing conditioning.

* Do not provide false information. Do not create a clown character to be negative for children

* Do not abusing it. Child is tormented by his own feelings when I see clowns.

* Give praise. Give awards in each of his progress, though just some. When he had the courage to see a clown from a distance,

Do not let our children suffer excitement among the other children at the sight of a clown. Let’s help them overcome his fear of clowns so that their tears turned to laughter happy

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