Could science and religion both be right about what happens after death?

Resolving and Evolving

© May 1, 2011

Richard O. Harris

When I go to receive the wages for my sins

I will leave this flesh I have been in

Yet I believe I will also continue to evolve

The twenty one grams of weight in difference

Between what we currently see and sense

To me seems to be something that involves

Faith or Facts we believe but have not seen

Neither science nor church know what it means

Maybe both are right and our evolution continues on

After all, twenty one grams can make quite a jewel

And the jewel maker has so many different tools

We must admit such a practice can continue for eons

Are we arrogant enough to believe we are the end of evolution

Or that religions have all the answers and solutions

Perhaps each has a piece of a multi-part puzzle of change

Personally, I choose to think we may have only 2 of the grams

That compose the puzzle leaving nineteen remaining yet to understand

And I hope to receive when my wages are paid and I reach that range.

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