Everytime I feel this way, I like to go back and read this poem and it always makes me feel better.

Rest, just rest

have faith that tomorrow

things would be better

than they were yesterday.


Only you can solve in your heart

what must be done, just have faith.


Forget about that man !


Things would fall into place

once the heart is ready

to love again.


The storm will soon end

the sun would come out

and just remember that,

after every gray cloud

a rainbow it’s waiting to shine.

don’t get so anxious !


In months you’ll see

the light of a new day

he might be feeling

the same way.


Take a deep breath

and live life how it comes

one of these days

he would make you

dream again.


Day by day

all you can do is breath.

foggy days would soon be clear

and I know is loneliness you fear.


you sigh thinking you’ve lost something

blinding your self for

what you’ve gained.

Liked it
  • ken bultman on Jun 30, 2009

    Very nice. Love lost but with a hopeful note.

  • jesse lennon on Aug 5, 2009

    Awww that was very sweet and loving.

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