By Jimmy Boos.

In our basements
With our creations
And imaginations
We have mind alterations
And good vibrations
Where we want to be
We could escape reality
The greatest way our minds would see
It made so much sense to me
Our own little fantasy
To minutely lose our sanity
You may say were insane
Because we like to use our brain
But its you who’s not sane
You’re probably just typical
A reciprocal
To predictable
Quite frankly it’s despicable
You would do it if you were cool
And took your mind off school
If you weren’t such a fool
You too could globally rule
See the entire world beneath your eye
Like you are flying in the sky
Were always pleased
To perceive
With our minds capacities
And with our lobes inflations
We create global dominations
And It’s a shame
Even lame
To not play our game
Would it really be that risky
To play the board game risk with me

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