A poem about a guy who constantly find romance he thought it would be only to find he’s just tricked by fate.

Riding in a bus letting this air touches my face,

Smiling to nothing with mind set in.

This girl I meet in our school is more than cool,

She makes my horrid day beautiful.

There I see her in the hallway waving at me.

Pretending I don’t see her so she’d constantly look at me,

Then I’d see clearly that smile brightens my day,

The longs walks I’ve made seems just a small leap away.

While waiting for the class, we talk too much stuff.

I sometimes don’t know what she’s talking about

‘Cause my ears fixed on a lovely music I’ve made at the back of my mind,

And with her brown eyes, I got lost I don’t know where I’d find.

Still we talk until somewhere we never thought,

I guess fate’s been hearing all along my silent yell,

Million miles away from the moment was yesterday,

Now inches closer to a girl this moment I swear I could forever stay.

Been on the cloud nine for ‘I don’t know’ minutes,

When a phone rings on hers and step back few meters.

Comes back and said, “Sorry that’s my boyfriend”, poised with a smile,

The kind of same smile I did to her earlier.

Everything drops–jaw, brain, the world and my heart.

Background music turns into fast-paced, gloomy sound

I bet fate’s laughing at me for his successful trick he did.

I guess this I add to a series of my romantic fails.

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