Short alliteration – S.

Alliteration (Photo credit: quinn.anya)

Sexy Sally sizzled
swivelling, swinging stroll
smiling at singles

Liked it
  • luthvy on Jun 17, 2012

    hahahah, , so sexy sally,, like this, ,
    nice to meet you sally, ,

    i have new article please visit and comment in my article

    thanks before

  • sabanawaz on Jun 17, 2012


  • Martin Kloess on Jun 17, 2012

    well written piece – thank you

  • susieb on Jun 18, 2012

    thanks luthvy

  • susieb on Jun 18, 2012

    thanks Sabanawaz

  • susieb on Jun 18, 2012

    thanks Martin all the best

  • gaby7 on Jun 20, 2012

    Smiling at singles indeed! A cheeky one here for sure Susie!

  • susieb on Jun 20, 2012

    cheeky moi lol glad u enjoyed Susan

  • susieb on Jun 20, 2012

    gaby7 cheeky moi lol have a good day Susan

  • jammaekas on Jun 20, 2012

    very good tongue twister. I like it

  • susieb on Jun 21, 2012

    thanks Jammaekas glad u like x

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