A poem about the golden old school days.

Let me tell you a story of the times we spent together,

Bit-n-pieces of those school days I remember,

Bulk of the time w spent- we spent it around somewhere,

Only those friends you could say that they stay with you forever —– so,

Take out the uniform that you last wore

Brush up the memories of that corridor

May be there’s a gateway through our heart

That takes us to our favourite part –

Few steps down the lanes

VMS and broken panes-

In memory fresh it stays.

Welcome back the school days

All that we want to have – we want to have it ourselves

But the value of us here does not ever leave out school friends

Just clean up your cupboard and just dust up all your bookshelves

Greetings and birthday wishes for a duration that never ends – so,

Sometimes I think of all the crap that came by

Still I long for them but cannot reason why

Simply put – joy, woe, pain and fun

Tears and laughter – all in one –

No I am not nostalgic

Just missing the sheer magic

In memory fresh it stays-

Welcome back the school days.

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