Based on a true story.

The darkest days of my life,
when time was a hurdle,
everything seemed shattered,
for the torture you’ve done to me.
Being abused by your lust,
never had the thought,
of who I am to you,
you quenched your vulgar thirst,
again and again.
I cried, I screamed,
loud and aloud,
but you turned your ear deaf,
until the time the results came out.
I conceived, faced miscarriage,
again conceived by your absurd desires,
still you showed no pity on me.
Never came upto the thought,
that I’m your daughter,
and how unfortunate I am,
that you’re my bloody father!!
Now time passed by,
and a verdict would be taken,
you’ll be behind the bars,
and suffer till your death.

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  • Authoress Terry E. Lyle on Dec 10, 2009

    OMG, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Counseling might help to get rid of the demons of your mind and the reality that It never was your fault in moments of confusion when you reflect on that horrible time. Your dad should have protected you instead of violating you, at least his locked up. “Stay encouraged”.

  • Stan Wilson on Dec 10, 2009

    that is so sad to hear…my heart goes out to you…thank you for having the courage to write this here,maybe it will help you or maybe not…but we all share your load….

  • Authoress Terry E. Lyle on Dec 10, 2009

    OOPS! I meant to say at least (he’s) locked up. From the dirt of your past let beautiful flowers bloom, It will get better in time, What he did was not love, he was sick in the head, and he needs to be punished, and you might need to get professional help so you can move past this and see your worth, not the damage that was inflicted on you. My prayers goes out to you for emotional and mental recovery, and spiritual strength because something so horrible as that could have left some scars that needs to be addressed. If you have some difficult moments that resurface then seek help and don’t worry about what someone else thinks. Make yourself strong and not become a victim of your past. Cheer-up honey better days are coming! :)

  • drelayaraja on Dec 10, 2009

    So sad. :-(

  • albert1jemi on Dec 10, 2009

    your words are making me cry as man i feel ashamed to hear what has happened im sorry to hear but dont worry all are not the same good people are still out there to help you

  • simplyoj on Dec 10, 2009

    Having this poem and courageously shared it to to your readers is good step in your healing process. God bless and keep moving on with your life.

  • TroostAvenue on Dec 10, 2009

    I too have found poetry the only means possible for talking about certain things that have deeply affected me in a negative way, Hope it helps you.

  • K V Venkataramana on Dec 10, 2009

    A moving poem. You have expressed your feelings in a forthright manner. Congrats!

  • LOVELYHONEY on Dec 10, 2009

    i can hear

  • Jenna Christiansen on Dec 10, 2009

    I am so sadened by this…but, I can say….In such a short time I have learned so much from you, and in what’s in your heart…you are very courageous….peace is not always easy to find….but, in your writing I sense it….Thank you for sharing my friend….

  • Kartik06 on Dec 10, 2009

    It is so difficult to believe that a father can instill such a torment on his own child, I am so sorry for what you have gone through and appreciate your inner strength despite all you have gone through. Be brave friend and we are all here to support you totally with our emotional support.May GOD give you peace and hope to succeed in life.

  • Goodselfme on Dec 10, 2009

    Thank you for sharing your inner turmoil with me. I am sad to know this happened to you and pray all will be better now. Blessings for the wonder you do with words to bring true deep feelings to these poems that I like reading from you.

  • Sue Nuckles on Dec 10, 2009

    Too many girls are abused in such a manner. Thank you for having the courage to speak out.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar on Dec 10, 2009

    Very moving poem. I read about a similar incident in the newspapers very recently. These things makes us feel that everyone in the world is bad. So sad…:(

  • AlmaG on Dec 11, 2009

    It’s very touching! great post :)

  • Linvio on Dec 16, 2009

    Good thing that your release this burden…. I also have this kind of stuff when I’m loaded with so many difficult situations…

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