The product of a broken trust.

i hate thinking that theres are secrets between us…
i know you well enough to understand you dont say certain things when your talking to a girl
“theres a friend over”
“im comforting a friend”
thats when i question who the hell she is….because theres no doubt its a girl
your many girl friends who hate me
whos helped you hurt me…
i wonder if you keep the past a secret
i know you tell them of my mistakes
look for pity
so theyll do what you want

i wonder about the secrets you have kept
what youve lied about
who you have gotten with while with me as revenge or apart just to try to forget me…
but i dont want to know
what you dont know cant hurt you,right
its needless truth
so dont tell me
its sad to say that with this request im saying we can NEVER be togther ever again
for i know what youll do
and id simply not take you back
if you did anything

you are no longer mine
giving you free rights to fuck whatever girl you want…….
butyou say i belong to you
us both being mistakes of firsts
forever to regret it
but ill honor that pointless request
knowing you wont…
and its no secret
i will not take you back if you do those things with another girl

love is respect
loves also trust tho
and we both have so little of each i wonder why i hurt so badly for you
thinking of what i dont know
what i never want to come to know
i think i must simply learn to hate your actions
what i know and think
past and present
for so many secrets have been told that make me not want you
and now that your gone i know those things will only happen over and over again….

keep your damned secrets…
and if you cant return the respect you ask for from me
which you do recieve
without reason
leave me alone

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