Let them laugh, let them laugh, it’s alright. I just want to take care of my property, that’s more important.

He has a cell phone which costs a lot

So has to keep it safely with a big lock

“Ring Ring” someone calls him suddenly

He has to unlock it with the help of a key

The lock adds to the weight of the pants

When he walks, has to exert more strength

Poor guy, can’t he get a smaller lock instead

“No smaller lock, I really could not find it”

Why must lock, can’t he just put it in the pouch?

Hey, don’t you know what is security about?

Liked it
  • momofplenty on Apr 25, 2012

    A very funny post, thank you for the smile!

  • papaleng on Apr 25, 2012

    Its good to be protected at all cost.. Very funny..:)

  • Christine Ramsay on Apr 25, 2012

    Hilarious. I don’t suppose he will get chance to run up a big phone bill.

  • avissado on Apr 25, 2012

    very funny. thanks for the hearty laugh

  • SharifaMcFarlane on Apr 25, 2012

    That’s saying, “Rob me”.

  • LCM Linda on Apr 25, 2012

    Star, what a funny protection. I guess he missed a lot of calls because it took time to unlock. LOL.

  • webseowriters on Apr 26, 2012

    lol, you are right

  • LadyElena on Apr 26, 2012

    Very funny. I enjoyed it.

  • Phoenix Montoya on Apr 28, 2012

    Ha ha! Good one Star :)

  • girishpuri on Apr 28, 2012

    ha ha ha , funny

  • Tulan on Apr 28, 2012

    LOL, that’s real security all right.

  • PR Mace on Apr 30, 2012

    How very funny.

  • girishpuri on May 18, 2012


  • 8Shei8 on May 21, 2012

    That is actually pretty clever. I want one :)

  • webintechs007 on May 26, 2012

    lol…very funny…

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