Wrote this in response to the word “Jealousy”.

A snarling hungry little rat,
Gnashes his rotting teeth,
Claws away at my soft skull,
Lusting for my brain beneath.

Slowly crawls the widow so,
Eight long legs across my chest,
Pincers drip poison for my heart,
To beat with rage unrest.

The hornets sting my very eyes,
Through their venom I see green,
My new perspective warped by wrath,
For the person I haven’t been.

I’ve cast this curse upon myself,
My soul turned a shade of black,
I hated them for what they had,
Lashed jealously on my own back.

I bled my cries, my hurt and envy,
I yearned for what wasn’t mine,
I spent my own precious heart beats,
Hiding from the warm sun shine.

Liked it
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