Imagine waking up everyday
knowing your heart wont stay at bay.
Beating rapidly through your chest,
wont settle down or let you rest.

Through the day it continues on
exhausted, like running a marathon.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen your smile
And I’m willing to go the extra mile.

Love, lust, infatuation?
I can’t quite control the situation.
And I may be all alone in this
But you know that I long for your kiss.

Each day I want you more and more
And want you to come through that door.
And want you to be with only me
for now until eternity.

I live each day in constant doubt
about all the things I should be without.
Like happiness and love and the nerve
And maybe all this I dont deserve.

How am I not good enough for you?
Am I not the type of girl you’re into?
Maybe not, I’ll have to wait and see
if you pick me eventually.

So, I’ll I will be here waiting for your call.
Whether “yes” or “maybe” or “not at all”.
I will wait until your final word
Of course, soonest is preferred.

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