This poem about sins and forgiveness show just how good God’s grace really is.

Sins and Forgiveness.

Seventy times Seven isn’t that what He said?

But how can He do it?

Speaking only for myself it seems impossible that He could forgive!

So many mistakes, that’s what I like to call my sins.

For sin is such an ugly word that leads to death and damnation.


But mistakes, well doesn’t everybody make them?

Mistakes are much easier to justify, easier to explain away if you really try.

But, He knows.

He knows my heart and my thoughts.

How I shudder to believe it although I know it’s true.

How can He forgive me when I knowingly turn away from Him?

When I blatantly sin right there in His presence?

When instead of trusting Him I fall prey to Satan’s lies?

 But, He does!

He loves me that much!

Every single time I fail him; He’s there with open arms.

He takes me back and gives me yet another chance.

He washes away my sin and makes me white as snow.

He restores to perfection His lost and wounded Lamb.

Seventy times seven and every time after that!

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