Sometimes you just get lost in a moment of a kiss…

We share a look from across the room, 

And I saunter into your arms;

No matter how hard I try to defy, 

I can never resist your charms;

You slip a hand behind my head, 

And drag me into your kiss;

You tantalize my senses, 

As I lose myself to bliss;

Desire takes over my body,

As you take my breath away;

We stand in utter silence,

We’ve nothing left to say;

There is an overpowering smell,

Of whiskey and cheap perfume;

But locked in a passionate kiss,

We’re alone in the crowded room;

Your kisses taste so potent,

I savor the exotic flavor of you;

Your intoxicating to my senses,

 Like the sweetest morning dew;

Wrapped in a fervent embrace,

Our bodies meld to form one;

I lose myself to you,

And it’s only just begun.

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