Written by myself as a senior. Poem with ten syllables a line (not iambic pentameter).

He wakes, and is filled with hate from the years.

My small world has met the last of its days.

 This world of mine quickly fades—disappears

 Into the bleak darkness past his harsh gaze.

How can I convince you that this is real?

No point in continuing to run on.

Embrace the fate that cares not what I feel.

Choose to erase all the pain ‘till it’s gone.

Even still try to pretend not to cry.

Turn ‘round again, and look me in the eye.

Darkness swells as I gaze into the sky.

Avert your eyes! No, I don’t want to die!

Senseless shades of grey flood to fill my sight.

Now I see the vibrant colors of night.

Liked it
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