A tribute to William Shakespeare.

As the world moves towards a new millennium

the sounds of silence come abroad

Shakespeare’s telepathy is in action

and the bad midgets are finally paying their dues!

If I were a teacher that teaches Globalization

I would ask all my students to read Shakespeare,

They would learn more of a Globalized World,

Faster than anyone else.

It is that Shakespeare belongs to a very peculiar world,

During the days of this brilliant Story Teller,

The Romans dominated because they built roads,

The English dominated because they built Ships,

and the Americans dominated because they smashed the Atom.

The narrative brilliance and the omnipresence of thoughts,

Clearly epitomizes William’s talent,

in this world filled with Widgets,

the lord finds its way!

The bad midgets are crooked and malicious,

As they find ways to destroy and make you lose it,

It’s the way of Evil,

It’s the way of Corruption!

It is that a catastrophe will show the true path,

of an unwelcoming disaster,

that inevitably will encounter surreal difficulties,

and at the same token will generate suffering.

Fare welcome to the Shakespearian Olympics,

as the path towards peace is clearly a route,

Let’s all bet for sanity and wisdom,

and exclude those that miserably steal ideas!

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