Honestly your mouth is moving but your saying nothing
You have no sound basis and no reasoning
Sure you can say some philosophical words
But your sentences lack verbs
Meaning all you have is talk and no action
You can preach all day but you live the opposite fashion
Yes I am out numbered
But never out proofed
It will start just me and you then like clock work the other birds come swoop
You say the bible says this and that
I say ‘Where’ and you say ‘Let me call my dad’
Why? Because he’s a preacher
So then why are you skating around acting like your some gospel teacher?
Listen close and understand
I’ve held children’s books with weightier words in my hand
A pagan would hold more weight with me
For the simple reason that they could provide a sound defense against me
The mark of stupidity is when you need others to validate you
The more people who agree and say it makes it in their minds become true
The mark of intelligence is letting the proof speak
Even if you’ve been backed down to your knees or standing on two feet
We stand on two different playing fields 
Now you see what elite training yields
So it only makes sense that you still play in dirt parks
While I line up on astro turf waiting for the next play to start
All you have is a seriously flawed collection of knowledge and an entourage 
You can’t hide foundation-less   speech even with the best camouflage 
Your basis is full of holes; Swiss cheese
And you know it, that’s why I’m surprised those words you decide to breathe
The fruit of your lips is far from ripe
So to tell you to shut up I’m well within my rights
What I can’t figure out is why you and your minions care so much
Apparently your living ‘The life’ so isn’t that enough?
But no you feel as though you must come to my rescue
When in fact I didn’t need saving and if I did it would further doom me if I asked you
I didn’t even ask for your advice on my life and the way I live it
It would be like asking for advice on being tall from a midget
So it’s simple just shut up
Or does your pride not allow you to understand that I don’t care enough
That’s what it boils down to
You have too much pride in yourself to realize that you sound like a fool
And to keep from realizing it you keep on talking
You keep talking so you don’t have the epiphany
That being the very first thing
Which is your mouth is moving but your saying nothing

Liked it
  • momofplenty on May 1, 2012

    Very witty, stirs the pot, and is well writtten. to each his own. Happiness is where we want it to be, wether in some old words, new words or our own words. wow, this is a strong piece my friend…..

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