Humorous Teenage Sexuality.


 Copyright 2011 by Sam Yulish

It is a very dark, moonless night.

Bradley Burton, age 14, hardly breathing, heart pounding,

lying motionless on the third row of bleacher seats

at the high school football stadium.

It was just two hours ago when he “accidentally” overheard

a telephone conversation between his older brother Richard

and Richard’s girlfriend, Susan Kapp.

Now, in a much more advanced state of eavesdropping,

he sees very little, but hears all.

First, conversation with intermittent giggling,

then, what he deciphers as kissing,

all interspersed with autumn leaves

crunching under rolling bodies–

followed by unsnapping of snaps, unzipping of zipper.

And then the moans, and other noises

that up until now he thought only farm animals were capable of.

For Brad, this is a pot of gold—blackmail material

valued at approximately one year’s worth of household chores.

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