A poem by me, Timothy Lu.

I yearn for the simpler times,

I don’t mean before the internet,

Or before cars, and other technologies.

But I mean back as a child,

When we didn’t worry as much.

Mistakes were easily forgiven,

We had “much to learn”, adults would say.

As adults, now, there are many burdens

Of responsibility we are encumbered by.

Every step is something that could get us in trouble,

Something that cannot be turned around.

Back in the simpler times, before heartbreak

And betrayal.

When all we needed was an ice cream cone to make us feel better,

Or when naps came daily because we wanted to,

Not because we couldn’t sleep the day before.

No. Things were simpler then,

Back in simpler times,

But then again, perhaps being an adult isn’t so bad,

I mean, at least we can drive.

Liked it
  • caribbean369 on Dec 21, 2011

    This is a very good poem! I kinda like being an adult; but, I miss the simpler days as well just being kid and just not worrying about anything! I know that feeling. :)

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