Something that I’ve been working with lately is how poetry relates to me and how I feel about it. In some cases, even the most simplest of poems are the most complex. Which is why, I like to stick to basics in regards to content so I don’t lose my readers. I also put some of my sarcasm into this poem as well. I’ll leave it to the reader. Comments are open.

Lets keep this



I’ll tell this

And go home.


I’ll put my hands

Out to the Audience

Then put them

In my pockets

And wait for

Another day.


I got them


By the scruff

Of the neck

And everyone

In the back

Is putting bags

Over their heads.


I’ll keep this simple

I’ll keep this short

I’ll keep the audience happy

I’ll keep them on the edge.


They’ll hear my voice

They’ll see not my face

But only a mask.


I’ll stand right next to them

I’ll sit down and have a conversation.


They’ll never know

Who I am.


Like playing

Hide and Seek

With a Psychopath.


I’ll keep this simple

Let me be plain.


The hearts rise

The breath quickens

The hands clap.


I’ll just say this

When all is done.


People turn a deaf ear

When I’m here.


But just to say

One thing.



Is the unknown language

Of the Human Soul.


And it can’t

Get anymore


Than that.

Liked it
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