This is an old dark poem I wrote about a year ago.

Feminine moans

they fill the air

grunts and screams

pounding against your ear drums

the sounds of whips

slicing across bare

naked flesh

A girl

barely a woman

chained and bound

like a pig

blood pouring down

a river

her body, shining

her eyes filled with fear

and arousal

gaze riveted to his

hard, thick

malformed body

saliva drips from his



in a perverted sense

but wetness still coats

her thighs

Her eternal punishment

she knows suffering

is imminent

Sin -her downfall-

Sex-once her game, now her punishment-

A slave to

Darkened Lust

a hunger for the unexplained

twisted until no longer a toy

willing to die for

twisted pleasure

a rope tightens around

her pale, white neck

dew eyes wide

while she licks away

the blackened semen

covering her face

mixed with the taste of her


painting her face crimson

The illusion she feels

power and self-disgust

As he shoves himself

rough and brutal

larger than any mortal man

tearing her

ripping past her barrier

pain like no other

blood gushing down her thighs


the blade in his hand

cuts rhythmically across her


His laughter -evil and cold-

echos down to the depth of her damned soul

She can never


and with every thrust

she screams

for him to stop

for him to continue

for God to forgive her

but she forgets

hell hath no


Pain is strongest

when Lucifer makes you pay

for your


Liked it
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