On request by a friend, I wrote this little poem that has a sinister tone involved. Based off of a certain piece of folklore that I decided to briefly look into, I made a poem off of my research about what it was. I’ll give a "thumbs up" to whoever figures out what I’m talking about. A proper hint would be "Irish Folklore". Comments are open.

Come all you


All you beautiful


And Girls

Who sleep peacefully

Know that you will sleep


And forevermore

Stay in your dreams.

Come all you


Come away

From your parents

And mother’s arms.

Come join

Hand in hand

And walk off

With me.

And smile

For all eternity.

For you

May love God.

But He Does Not

Love you.

Come all you


You Shan’t Hath

Not Fear me.

For the World

Is a Place

That you

Do not Understand.

Come all you


Hear my Voice

And Act

Upon my Words.

Kindness is Obsolete

And Compassion

Leads to Desolation.

So drift off

To sleep

And come away

With me

All you Children.

For God does not

Love you

But put your faith

In me

And I shall.

Believe me

I shall.

Liked it
  • Martin Kloess on Jul 27, 2012

    Well written – thank you. And thank you for your support.

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