Something I wrote for someone special.

Sitting here watching as your pixels come together on my screen. Just a few seconds later than what is actually happening. It’s funny what goes on within a second. A baby coming out of a mom, an explosion from a bomb, or the pixels of you from across this country. From one state to another, Washington to Illinois, its wonderful yet heartbreaking, just because I see you, doesn’t mean I feel you. Just because I hear you, doesn’t mean I can touch you. Sitting & Watching, as these pixels are coming together. Wishing, wanting, you to come home to me. Weeping, crying, cause I know you aren’t here. Smiling, laughing, when I talk to you. Still tearing, still crying, cause your still not here. Hoping, wishing, that you come home soon. Smiling, laughing, once again like before. Happy, excited, that your coming home to visit. Wishing, wanting, another time, like before. Can you stay here, and not leave my dear? Can you stay in town, so you can keep up my frown? I am going to miss you once you leave another time. Yet we are staying strong, like rope and twine. I hope that its okay, I hope you don’t mind. That I write this to you, with only you one my mind. I hope you like it, you know who you are. Look up to the sky, look at the stars. I am there staring down, really we are not to far.

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