The lil guy at the bottom
Tryna get all the way up to the top
I’m on my pursuit no reason to stop
It’s a long way up antigravity I’m never gonna drop 
I refuse to end up another man pushin a mop
Tired of stereotypically being in the back when I should drive the cop
Young ferocity I’m coming for my spot 
The spot that’s inherited taken or owned in time
Don’t matter it’ll be mine 
Cuz once I get the smell of blood I’m coming like a great white
I’m coming like a thief in the night
Conquering the greatest heights
With minimal effort 
Starts with getting on the elevator first
When I get to the top all who helped gets reimbursed 
Silent opportunist but I’m well versed
Literally something you’ve never heard of
But one day you soon will 
Take advantage for the thrill
More power than capital hill
Mark my words underline em in red
It may sound like over kill but ain’t enough dead 
Enough said 
Time to act
But a simple fact remains
If u don’t kno learn my name 
If you forget dont care who you blame
You got time tho cuz that’s bout the only thing that won’t change 

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