To maintain a healthy friendship we must be responsible about what we say.

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict (Photo credit:

A slip of my lips

Sank a perfect friendship

Words can do harm

No need to cover it with fake charm

The intent was clear

With a purpose to inflict

A hurt to your mental

And tear you apart

The grief that I produced

Seem justified at the time

But with time I realized

I was really at fault

We should be responsible in what we said

No one has the right to ruin your day

Or prevent you from exercising your rights

Because we are one spirit in this life

Friendship 7 (Photo credit: NASA on The Commons)

So sail in calm water and avoid the storms

It is better to be a peace maker then a creator of woes

Just remember that a slip of the lips is something we control

If you understand this advice you will continue to grow

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  • shavkat on Nov 19, 2012

    interesting wisdom of thoughts

  • Andi777 on Nov 21, 2012

    Nice post, like this

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