A poem that talks about the changing mindset of an individual.

The vivid memories strike me as my body hits the ground , 
I remember every texture , every colour , every sound , 
The familiar blades of grass bring tears to my eyes 
as I gaze into the blue suburban skies. 

I remember the laughter and I miss thrill 
of being one with the world as it stood still. 
The warm rays of sun gently coat my skin , 
it was a time where no child was tainted by sin. 

We all believed in magic and played our childish games , 
while letting our minds slip into the bliss of a summer haze. 
We engaged in such adventures and life was one big quest , 
of course , this was a secret we swore to hide from all the rest. 

And now we seem to understand the truth behind the charm. 
We’re reserved about the things that seemed to do no harm. 
We run through fields of lead to try to reach the gold , 
how come we once believed that joy cannot be sold? 

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