When someone passes on it is hard to move on at first. But slowly, ever so slowly things do get better…

The rain runs down my finger tips,

And drops slowly to the ground;

The world around me is roaring by,

But I can’t hear a sound;

I stare at the granite in front of me,

As the words become a blur;

Not comprehending what they say,

This “was” and “when” and “were”;

The sorrow digs in deeper,

Threatening to overflow;

How can I draw another breath,

Right now I just don’t know;

I feel the pain well up inside,

Ripping me apart;

As I sit send a silent plea,

To still my beating heart;

I fear facing the day alone,

Since you’ve left my side for good;

Trapped beneath six feet of earth,

In your coat of solid wood

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