She knows what boys like but why is it so sneaky, why is it when we are peeking; I think we dream, we imagine, and someone will get to experience. Sneak Peek… if we sought you out maybe but when I know you’re there and I just have to look a second longer?

Sneak Peek
It’s neither one nor the other
If only just belief
In what we want in a lover

No matter how brief
Perhaps fueled by desire
The point is to believe
To want and admire

What we think of as more
So we don’t head for the door

* * *

As if we weren’t invited
I am the meek

By all my sneaky thoughts
Love, lust, and lunacy
I’m already caught
Wanting you to choose me

Instead of the other way around
No not a sound

* * *

When I want it all
Hide and seek
You know I’ll fall

Wanting another second
But there is cost
Still you beckon
And I am lost

Begging you please
Do you tease?

* * *

Sneak Peek
Maybe some, maybe others
Make them weak
How about a lover

For this peek we sneak
Is an illusion of choice
Because we do seek
And boys will be boys

Just make us want you more
So we don’t head for the door

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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