A basic need in life.

society (Photo credit: Aunt Owwee)

I need a solid foundation

One that will not shift with the wind

A foundation that I can trust

A foundation that with time will not rust

I need a solid foundation I can stand on

One that will support my weight

It needs to be proven without a doubt

A solid foundation like the one under your house

I need a solid foundation to shield me from the elements

I prefer stone not paper or wood

Its appearance is not important

I depend on its function

This platform I seek

A material of trust and belief

A knowledge that is deep inside of me

The solid foundation is a willingness to be free

My solid foundation may be different than yours

As sometimes our basic values are not the same

Yet the desires of human are similar

A quality engrained in the spirit

Build your foundation with strong supports

And observe others that offer sound advice

We learn from those who have made mistakes

As we build our foundation to endure another day

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