A poetic tirade about fear, manipulation of religion, political corruption, society, and the need to accept truth written by me, a 14 year-old. It’s important for me to be read and to get feedback.

     Fear, the dark vice that slowly eats into our archaic structure and forms a crippled creature. Fear crawls on the street and into the hearts of the susceptible population. Everyone gathers before the cigarettes of their empty lord, and the cigarettes preach the reality that was shamelessly injected into their souls. And for continuous generations, the majority has choked within the smoked until the addiction has seized them by the throat. Now they see an almighty entity whose divinity shines through every man-made circumstance. A golden veil is placed over the dark and sinister realities of the official oppressors.

     The elections continue and the human population has mutated into pawns of false hope and oil-stained beliefs. Institutions evolve into people and people evolve into casualties. Lies are officially approved on great pieces of paper, and the humans stand before the insane tyrants with happiness and trust, for they, too, have been secretly injected with some new spark of insanity that has been nourished by the family, by the media, and by the society itself. No one stands up before these institutions, with the mere prospect of change, but nevertheless with the preparation of a final war between truth and injustice.

     A spark of hope is flung in our faces, but the spark immediately diminishes on the secret throne. The secrecy of our supposed superiors is the foundation to the oligarchy that grows between closed doors. As truth gleams its sympathy from behind the borders of carefulness, rebels and philosophers see past this fabricated wall, and they see that they must step away from the blind social ladder so that they may climb over the idiotic spectrum of concrete ignorance. Factories of the filthy corporate minds manufacture and mass-produce the reality that all rulers dream of.

     Even though the majority has fallen for the ill intentions of the ruling class’s supposed truth, the wise ones will understand that Truth does not wear a sinister cloak nor does it own a particle of dark matter at its core. Truth does not allow for the sheep to sit before the shepherd in constant obedience. It does not even support the idea that if a sheep should escape, then that will give the dogs with badges a chance to hunt them down. We are all divine individually, and as a crowd, we are even holier than the word itself, for we all represent a shining idea that sits in the spectrum of truth.

     O, naive and oppressed population, rise before the masters and remove their titles along with their integrity! They will bow down in fear towards the enlightened crowd! And the crowd will trample upon them with no mercy. People will rule once again, and the shining gibberish from the sanctuary of rights will die along with the entire institution. The golden revolution that once sat in exile has now been brought before the injustice itself. Men and women will revolt and evolve as a crowd so that they may find peace and happiness within themselves as individuals, for they were the ones that accepted and supported truth. Let us remember that this is a basic allegory, but if it seems close to your heart and situation, then accept it and let it spread.

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