Sometimes to find yourself, you have to get lost;

Sometimes to find yourself, you have to get lost;
Sometimes to figure out who really cares you have to care about who doesn’t;
Sometimes to learn how to succeed you have to fail;
Sometimes you need someone else to believe in you before you can;
Sometimes you learn what’s right by doing what’s wrong…

Sometimes you learn someone isn’t who you thought they were;
Sometimes the person you gave up on can surprise you;
Sometimes an answer only leads to more questions;
Sometimes putting yourself out there turns you into a target;
Sometimes the things you love most aren’t necessarily good for you…

Sometimes by running away you can find home;
Sometimes by crying you find your strength;
Sometimes by falling you find out how far you’ve come;
Sometimes by loving you find true agony;
Sometimes by suffering you find compassion and love…

Sometimes people change;
Sometimes you get hurt;
Sometimes your lost and confused;
Sometimes you forget whats important to you;
Sometimes you survive but question why…

Sometimes I love, sometimes I cry, sometimes I hurt, sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed…but I try and I don’t give up…and sometimes I’m reminded why all my “sometimes” are the most important…
because you never always, so its our sometimes that make our lives unique. They teach us our lessons and make us who we are supposed to be. The best part is they allow us to change and adapt…because they’re never always who we are we can change whenever we want…

So who are you going to be today?

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