Somehow I feel as if my life’s on trial… (A Thousand Days, part 6)

Somehow I feel as if my life’s on trial,
A slipp’ry slope upon which now I clasp.
I’m so afraid that I may lose my grasp,
Distraction for a moment, then denial.
I don’t know how to let him go this time.
Try though I might my gentle heart, it aches.
Each day alone I fear my soul will break.
I can’t get his sweet face out of my mind.

Another he has chosen for his life,
And I must face the heartache and despair
But moving on’s, not something that I care
To do. I only want to be his wife.
My prince who’s been there since the dawn of me,
Who’s soul connects with mine so perfectly.

         —Michele Cameron Drew

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Copyright © 2010 Michele Cameron Drew. All rights reserved.

Liked it
  • Aardaerimus on Feb 5, 2011

    Beautiful work, as always, Michele. :-)

    Wish I had a mind for sonnet, like you.

  • BC Doan on Feb 5, 2011

    Beautifully written, Michele! Love does just that, break your heart, but I hope it’s not yours…

  • Gone. on Mar 27, 2011

    Another beautiful piece! I can feel the heartache in this one.

  • papaleng on May 22, 2012

    Simply beautiful.

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