When freedom fin’lly seemed to cross my path… (A Thousand Days, Part 7)

When freedom finally seemed to cross my path,
I opened up a door I’d thought long closed.
I met a stranger who though rather old,
Would lift my heart and truly make me laugh.
He lead me down a path of silliness,
And through a door my lonely heart explored.
Though happily I went my heart implored,
Me not to follow his in hastiness.

A wolf he was, in clothing of a sheep,
Who taunted me and pulled me low and then,
He’d snarled and growled and treated me unkind.
And then I was to find out in the end,
He’d told untruths, he’d lied to me so deep.
Perhaps there was no love for me to find.

         —Michele Cameron Drew

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Copyright © 2012 Michele Cameron Drew. All rights reserved.

Liked it
  • Francois Hagnere on May 20, 2012

    Your poem is so beautiful though so sad. It’s nice to see you again here, my friend. Very best wishes, Michele.

  • papaleng on May 22, 2012

    very touching piece. Wish I have mind for writing sonnets.

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