No matter how strong your body gets No matter what kind of shape your body is in You must be fit with-in your spirit!!!

I run the treadmill two hours per day

Do five sets of ten with fifty pounds on each end

When I’m lifting weights

Hundreds of push-ups

Thousands of crunches per week

So after hearing all of this most of you would think

I am F.I.T…


So fit that I go as hard as I can in the gym until there is nothing left

And I could probably jog from here to the Soldier Field without having to take one breath

So forget about passing with flying colors

I am the physical test

Yes…physically I am fit

You talk about getting a six pack

I already got it

Biceps, triceps, quads you can have all that stuff

But ladies and gentlemen I tell you it’s not enough

I’ll give you some advice if you so choose to hear it

No matter how strong your body gets

No matter what kind of shape your body is in

You must be fit with-in your spirit

I’m talking about…

Getting a well balanced meal of bible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Building your cardio up with prayer

And you’re almost there to where you need to be in becoming a winner

No need to diet, because fasting is the way

See while you’re shedding pounds

Shedding sin is a better lost of weight

I say, your heart will be better

Your stress will be gone

By lifting the weight of your world to Jesus

And becoming spiritually strong

See we all know what the scripture says in Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengths me”

So clearly it’s a no brainier

Your fitness is at it’s best when Christ is your personal trainer

Then Gatorade will have nothing compared to what’s inside of you see

They can have the different flavors

You’ll have the real “G”

The big “G”

The one that ends with the “od”

The one that makes you smile when you’re down

And parts the clouds

To bring the sunshine in the middle of the rain

To take away your pain and brighten up your days

Spiritual Fitness!

Yes I am a witness

I’m telling you all with God involved it’s the business

Hear this

Rather you’re in shape or not…

You’re body is never perfectly fit

Until you get your Spiritual Fitness 

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