A humorous take on being a rabid Steeler fan.

Begin the strive for the second five: 
lets help big ben get Pittsburgh to ten.
It WON”T BE enough to just stop at SIX.
Two matching hands will be the DEMAND.
We won’t be greedy; SB three five allowed Dallas a thrill. 
But Sunday at 10 left the desert a chill. 
A fiercely onslaught to rival the past. 
Once more we reveled as our Steelers kicked ASS.
 A Proud STEELER NATION boisterous in quest, 
As our Black N Gold gladiators took care of the rest. 
As Monday dawn broke we were world champs once more; 
But my drunk ASS didn’t see it, I continued to SNORE. 
For as a fan from afar I was cheering so cheering so loud, 
With a terrible towel on my head like a Shroud. 
So lets all unite in our great quest once again; 
forget about six, achieve a well balanced TEN.


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