Jake and Sam.

Sam was pretty average
Had a good sense of humour
Knew how to smile
People liked him well enough.
I guess I never really noticed that he was lonely
You know
I don’t know if you ever really do with those kinds.
He was the type that would walk into the room
Like thunder
And the sun got a little brighter
And people smiled a little bigger
And everyone would run up.
But when it came down to it,
I don’t think any of us really knew him.
He met this kid, Jake.
Jake was-
Well, he was a trouble-maker.
One of those kids who would steal
Shit from the store and run around the block
As a young little thing,
Telling all the pre-school throng
That he took a pack of chewing gum.
The younger kids all loved him
Like sheep love the promise of a wolf.
And Sam wasn’t an exception.
The two bonded like adhesive tape,
You couldn’t separate the two.
Sad what happened to those two.
They went out one day
Jake had just got a new motorbike to match Sam
And they were gonna race
And off they went with a loud
Turned a corner and it wasn’t even
Half way down the road
When we all heard the crash.
They didn’t stop
-and the car-
Well, you know all the rest.
It was everywhere in the news.
They said Sam felt nothing
I suppose that’s not really true.
Everyone forgets to mention
-the feeling of flying-
Probably the best feeling in the world
-straight up- so they say.
Well, he’s around.
He still skulks the corner shops
Face hidden behind that damn black hoodie
I guess to hide the damage.
Deserves what he got
If you ask me.
Damn kids,
It’s a tragedy,
How fast they go these days.

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