Bad friendship.

You are asleep at the wheel

You have no idea how to keep it real

Scheming and plotting where to get your next meal

Doing all that frontin’ but we all know the deal

You over drew your bank account

All in an attempt to impress that new girl you are trying to take out

But she will discover quickly what you are all about

Then you will tell us that it was her fault no doubt

When will you even quit with this insanity?

You really are not above the rest of us but yet you are prone to vanity

Please take a look in the mirror and assess yourself candidly

All the off the wall things you say make you think you should be drug tested randomly

Because there is no way that you could be sober

You said Christmas should be celebrated in October

You claim to have been a finalist to become an astronaut but where passed over

Your mentality is more juvenile than the game Red Rover

The more I think about it my head starts to spin

You cannot keep lying again and again

Everybody’s patience is starting to wear thin

At your current rate the outcome is not looking too good for you my friend

Seriously how do you keep up with all those lies?

The fact that you actually know what the truth is, is the biggest surprise

I just do not understand why you treat everyday like Halloween and need a disguise

But I’m done making excuses for you and providing you with alibis

So no more asking me for loans

When you get in another one of your late night sticky situations please do not call my phone

Just consider yourself lactose intolerant and I’m an ice cream cone

Or better yet you are Macaulay Culkin and I’m leaving you home alone

You are a mess but I’m done being the mop

Your lack of grip on reality is really painful to watch

If they made your life into a movie it would be a flop

My final plea to you before you self destruct is to please stop


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