It’s not clear to me now why I made this poem almost ten years ago… maybe I got it from one of my dreams… I often have weird dreams, you know… yet, this is one of my favorites… I just wish the world can read this…

Have you been into another world

Where from nothing, comes another fold

The fold of being appears as it could…

Would there be a feeling such this yet untold?

Have you been into a dream of smoke and air

Where from nowhere, exists a man that’s so rare

The blew of air danced with his clothes so plain

Plain as he might, but in that dreams I knew him!

Have you been into another instance

Where somewhere, out there awaits an open arms

And at a gleam, you’re certain of a stranger

He’s there hanging even on the dump side of your life.

Have you been alone into your wildest dream

Where nothing in you is able to be seen

And when you look around, a mirror is there

At your touch, it’s broken… now lies your many self!

Have you been there into your deepest mood

That’s when you close your eyes, you can’t feel your heart

Then, when you look around there’s an empty box

Which never closes after it was turned it up.

Have you been there in the world of love

Where a stranger you see… not the one you love

Where a mirror is there… instead of your self

Where an empty box is found… why not your heart?

—- Teardrops —-


Liked it
  • Mayank on Feb 17, 2010

    A heart of gold is a heart with
    peace, love, happiness and helpfulness,
    someone who has a heart of gold
    will try to do anything for anyone,
    at any time or any day,

    A heart of gold is someone
    who has a big, healthy and strong heart,
    someone who cares and loves you no matter what,
    and someone who’s words mean something,

    If you look around, you can see,
    that not many have a heart of gold,
    but if you truly open your eyes, and finally see,
    every one has a heart of gold,
    its just lost somewhere inside of them,
    and they just need help… pulling it out.

  • Sherry Lance on Feb 18, 2010

    a piece of artwork… one of the author’s bests!

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