The consequence that every college student has to pay when going to school to make something of themselves…. student loans.

It is a fate,
that it takes many years to escape,
it’s like a disease,
worse than the Flu, Salmonella, or an STD,
It takes the form of a nice, convenient lumpsum,
of thousands of dollars, borrowed,
to finance the dream,
of getting a college degree,
the student loan
Many want to go to college
to get a degree,
But it comes with a price,
it is not free
You can get financial aid,
by filling out a FAFSA,
but in that disguise,
is not only grants, but loans,
funded by the US government,
you’re told it’s no big deal,
go to school as long as you want,
you can pay them back after you graduate
You pick a major,
go to school, get a degree,
Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD
but when you graduate,
it’s time to pay the price,
No more financial freedom,
now, you’re in the adult world,
in a whole lot of debt,
with student loans
They are much larger than you remember,
they’ve gained interest over the years,
manifested itself onto you
like a parasite,
draining your wallets,
bank accounts, income tax, and funds,
Forcing you to cut down on anything fun,
Going to the movies, going shopping,
Dating, you won’t get to do it very often,
your house, probably shared with roommates,
to split the rent,
your diet primarily Ramen,
your body young, but your car ages old,
If you get married, to the love of your life,
your debt becomes theirs,
Even with payment plans,
it will take years, and years to escape
that student loan debt

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