This is my life and I would always do the stuff I love!

Let them be the falling leaves of autumn
Let them be the smell of new paper book
Let them be the falling raindrops hide my tears
Let them be doing ballet and Katthak together

This is my life
Feel like burning fire in snow
This is my life
Being born out of never…no

Let it be walking on crowded streets as a loner
Let it be getting lost in myself dancing in a party
Let it be cuddling in warm quilt in morning winter
Let it be wearing jeans, stilletos and leather

This is my life
Feel like hailstones in midsummer
This is my life
Feel like living my dream with everyone

Let me clear the steamed glass
Let me live my life classic junk
Let me just walk with destination unknown
Let me be my own guide, friend and philosopher

This is my life
Now I make it clear
This is my life
And I would always do
Stuff I love

Let it be class, let it be weird…

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