What’s your favourite food?

Maurice Mc Muffin ate nothing but stuffin’

He wouldn’t eat meat fruit or veg

His mother went potty it turned her quite dotty

And was tipping her over the edge, so


She thought up a plan to provide the young man

With food both nutritious and yummy

Using her skill and determined to fill

That unhealthy space in his tummy


In her kitchen domain she vowed to remain

Whilst weaning him off of his diet

Trying all recipes and hoping to please

And praying that he would just try it


One day she was cooking and when she weren’t lookin’

Young Maurice crept in through the door

He tasted some pud and he found it was good

Saying “Mum can I please have some more”


Mum jumped for joy because her little boy

Found some food that he wanted to eat

Now he’ll scoff anything that his mother can bring

As long as it’s sticky and sweet

Liked it
  • Sharif Ishnin on Feb 20, 2010

    Maurice found his sweet tooth. A joyful read.

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