Like siblings where there is love there must be a passion, like a coin with two sides of a side by side, one side is love, the other is a passion. Heartbroken, ignorance discern lust and love. So that is not mired in sin and not be swayed in the darkness of a broken heart, here we will discuss the major differences between love with lust. Let us discuss one by one.

1. Love will make happy, Lust will make Disappointing 

True love is certainly happy because it emerged from the deepest recesses of the heart. There is no desire in true love, only devotion and sacrifice. Even if there is a desire, then it is a desire for a loved one to be happy. End of passion was always disappointed that the passion born of a calculating mind. True love is just happy to be scenes of profit and loss calculation and negotiation. In the end kecewalah that will appear.

2.Love will make You laugh, Lust will make You Cry.

As bad as love relationships are not able to have each other. But even so a true love that will not be mourned. As Indian films, true love always ends with singing, dancing and laughing. Love is not like passion who want to have. Sadness does not arise from love but from the desire to have. Ego is the enemy of love. Ego so unfulfilled cause crying and sadness.

3. Love Always Want to Render  , Lust Always Want to Have

The culmination of love is devotion and sacrifice. The culmination of lust is the ownership. Very different is not it? If you feel the love that still want to have it can mean your love is false and filled with ego.

4. Love Want to  Loving, while Lust Just Want to “touch”

This is the main difference of love and lust and deeply felt physically. Lust just wanted to be physical things like sex and wealth. While genuine love always give with sincerity, like the sun to the earth affection which every day gave him a light without asking for a reply.

“Love does not impose, while the lust to impose”

“Love is more to the Universal, while lust is more to the Individual”

Points above are the main differences lust and love. Only with life experiences a person can distinguish very well, what lust and what love. Therefore hear and follow the advice of parents is a very wise.

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