With the fight against gays in the world, it has lead to the hatred school hallways among school mates. Many students that are gay have to deal with the bullying alone which leads to suicides.

As I walk down the hallways
I hear the piercing taunting of others
Every time I turn the corners I flinch
Just waiting to be slammed into a locker
Or someone grabbing me in places that make tears run
I wish I could run
I wish I could disappear
If only people knew how it made me feel
They couldn’t care
As I walk into the locker room
I get slammed against the locker
I look around to see no one but him and I
He has a tight grip on my dick
Tears flow down my face
“Leave me alone” I whisper
I smell his awful cologne
“You like that shit FAG”
He looks so evil
“I hate your kind”
“We hate you too” I think to myself
He slams me against the locker once more
Letting me go I drop to floor in tears
He walks away as if nothing happened
I curl up next to the lockers
I want to disappear
The hallways are empty
Everyone is in class
This is my time to teach them a lesson
I love you mother
I love you father
I love you sister
I love you brother
I love all those that loved me for me
*Bell Rings*
As the hallways fill with students in shock
Jaws drop at the sight of a 16yr old boy hanging from a rope
The hallways fill with screams and cries
Teachers scramble to get him down
But it is too late
His body lies on the floors of these suicidal hallways

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