# The author feels totally frustrated over a love affair but decided to move on. Mebbe the phrase “and they live happily ever after” is a myth and not meant for him.

Possum Hollow – GT undone!

Deluded, I took the plunge!

Make believe that it will last,

A snib – as a pawn in the chessboard!

Drafting the death-knell before it happens,

The naivety to trust a frankenstein!

Fly me to the fountains of lethe,

Help me erase the memories,

Of the seventeen months of utopia,

Oh! The vanity of passion and hopes,

Beguiling and seducing nymph of a valentine,

Got to gird up and arise as a phoenix,

Ever hitching my wagon to a star,

Never again to fail or relapse,

Onward my soul to another chapter/another world.

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