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Living desensitized spirits thrive; on souls with no mortal advocate.

Pain is relentless and quickens the mind and heart.

No suffering can be so lonely, when not one human ear will bear sway to the story of your innermost misfortunes and succulent daydreams.

The creator is left to wallow in agony and disbelief when he finds his friends have betrayed him.

 After such a spiritual wound has been gouged in the heart of the beholder it becomes harder to trust any living creature.

 The mind works against you and imagines how it could be taken advantage of again.

You find yourself running from those you love, because you are afraid of losing them.

The chase is long and hard.

Some comrades become tired and unfaithful, while others hang on for dear life through the rain and violent thunderstorms of life.

The truest friend to have is one who listens without judging and is always there in spirit, even if they can’t be with you in person.

This loyal friend is locked in your heart wherever you go, even if you haven’t seen them for years.

The sound of their voice is healing, their hugs are safe and warm.

When you embrace them you feel like you’ve given each other hope for a brand new day.

Sometimes when you talk to them you get lost in your own words because it seems like there is no one there.

Yet there they sit, fervently engaged in observing you and your words.

There is no fear within you when you are near such a vessel of god.

The anguish of life is dampened with tender words and sweet caresses.

 No hurt can last long if you have someone to share it with, it cultivates your spirit and your testimonies of life.

You learn from mistakes and are a better person because you have made them.

Life is the perception in the eye of the beholder.

No one theory is ever right or wrong.

We are all different, yet we have so much in common.

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