Celebrating some of life’s sweet pleasures.

There are many sweet pleasures
That I have in my life.
I have wonderful children,
And a beautiful wife.
I’m in splendid health,
I feel just grand.
I love taking a hike,
Across this land.
Just picking up a rose,
And smelling the flower.
Satisfies my soul,
For over an hour.
A drive in the country,
Or a stroll in the park.
Looking at the sunset,
As the evening turns dark.
Going for a swim,
Paddling a canoe,
Playing a game,
There’s so much to do.
Enjoy life’s sweet pleasures,
Your days will be richer.
Make happiness comes first,
Paint a glorious picture.

Liked it
  • bhahmz on Jan 4, 2008

    Nice poem! makes one appreciate the world around them..:)

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