Im an original not a copy.

When we are born a whole new life starts.
We all are our own person and God made no mistake.
I am who I am and you can either take me or leave me.
This is who I am and I was born this way for a reason.
If you don’t like it then just turn your head around.
These chains are finally going to fall off of my body.
  My hair is Jet black and my skin is tanned
God made me this way and it’s the way I’m supposed to be
Every day I walk out in public to flaunt off Gods creation
I might not be drop dead gorgeous like the celebrities on the TV.
But to me I am beautiful because I was made in Gods Image.
  So you can either take me for who I am and what I’m going to be.
You can make up all of the silly fake masks of me you wish,
But know that my true mask is still on and it will stay on.
No one is going to make me change to there own pleasing.
I am ready to let this cocoon break open to burst open.
To let my wings spread and show off my many colors.

Behind all of this darkness, there is a spot of light somewhere.
This light is going to shine so bright that the sun would look pitch black.
I don’t want to hide in fear anymore, just let me be.
Every day I get the same reaction from people, the look of being a freak
If a freak is someone who enjoys a mix of comedy and horror, then let it be.
A freak is someone who loves art and sings her heart out on stage?
Someone who works hard when she performs then so be it.
If a freak is someone who just expresses herself then fine.
If this makes me a freak then I am damn proud to be called one.
  Take me for what I am or just turn your head and leave me be.
This is who I am and let me just say I am proud of it.
God made no mistake and listen to me right now when I say this,
If I am a freak for trying to find out who I am then I guess we all are.
I might be filled with darkness but there is still light within me.
Hear me out because this is who I am and what I am going to be.
I might be filled with sadness but I try to work through it.
We are all different and unique in our own special ways.
Look at me and tell me what you honestly think about me.
Am I a freak? Or just my own special person,
You say what you think, but I know who I am.
And you can either take me or leave.

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  • PHILLY DREAMER on Dec 30, 2011

    Great way to live life. Ther is no point in wearing disguises when there are people in this world who will love you for who you are.

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