A poem. It had been a very difficult week for my boyfriend and I, luckily we got through it. I am just glad things are alright! Things were difficult because I let someone’s opinion get in the way of how I felt and why I am where I am. The thing is, you just need to go with your gut feeling. And I did. I’m thankful for my true friends and everyone who was there for me when this upset me ever so much. Thank you! (and not in the sarcastic way)

Am I incapable?
Am I incomparable?
Am I unable to be happy,
carefree, just me,
without your fears and
your worries and
your opinions?

I must change,
like most change.

The world will rearrange,
people new,
everything will change.

And just because someone,
so brave yet so unfamiliar to me,
and those who surround me,
have lifted my spirits and
made me feel perfect,
just because of that,
you must destroy it.


You’re not only a fearer,
but also burdened.

You discriminated those
like him and I,
because things aren’t
well for you.

But I?
I am loyal;
I am honest;
I am integrity;
I am me.
I put my heart into all I do,
no matter who or what
that may be.

That doesn’t make me dependent,
nor does it make me clingy,
it means I care,
and no one else gives a fuck.

I am foolish,
we all are,
but that doesn’t mean
I am unaware of the dangers ahead.
I have a wild imagination,
mind you, I think of it all.

Your thoughts kill me,
and now I doubt all I am
and where I am,
so thank you for making me
question it all.
Maybe I will ruin my own
stability because of this doubt.

Thank you.

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